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Every time a partygoer dies from a dodgy pill, we see politicians and the police face the media and say things like 'pill testing is not the answer'.

….And they get away with it because representatives of the partygoer community are never given a chance to challenge them. The public never hears our side of the story.  

We believe that the people who are closest to the problem are also closest to the solutions. Unfortunately, representatives from across Australia's nightlife communities are excluded from policy debates and service design. 

To overcome this, #BeHeardNotHarmed is facilitating community forums in states and territories across Australia to connect partygoers with politicians and experts as well as key stakeholders from across the events industry. These forums will allow everyone to ask questions, discuss policy proposals and suggest opportunities for collaboration.

We aim to have a broad range of participants, including:

  • Partygoers, young people and drug users from a diverse range of communities.

  • Family/Friends of people who have been harmed in nightlife contexts.

  • Festival and music industry (venue owners, event organisers, musicians)

  • Health sector (Event Medical Services, paramedics, doctors).

  • Law Enforcement (Police, criminal law specialists)

  • Policy makers (State politicians, relevant ministers and key departments, local councils)

  • Harm Reduction Experts (DanceWize, pill testing service providers, researchers/academics)

  • Ex-police and ex-politicians who can speak freely.

These forums will also be live-streamed and shared publicly.

If you are interested in attending a forum in Melbourne or Sydney, please complete the form. Please let us know who you represent and why you want to get involved. We'll be in touch with more information about the date and venue soon. 

If you would also like to become an ambassador of the #BeHeardNotHarmed campaign, please tick the relevant box. Becoming an ambassador means that you will publicly support us and promote us. This might mean advocating for us within your organisation and/or sector, or being a champion for us in the media.

If you have any other questions or comments, please contact